What is SubXcess?

SubXcess is a brand new community for YouTube users who seek to gain  exposure, network, and have fun while doing it.

All registered users of SubXcess are real people, NOT "bots" therefore all subscriptions are real! With the help of SubXcess you will generate more views and gain a following in order to make your videos viral. Getting views will be a worry of the past.

How do I sign up?

Visit the home page and fill out the necessary, yet minimal amount of information on the left side of the page under the heading: "free sign up"

Please enter your correct YouTube username as it appears when you have logged into YouTube after the forward-slash (ex: www.youtube.com/username). It is also known as your YouTube channel name.

Is there a fee to use this site?

No. It is 100% free for the registered user.

Can I make multiple accounts?

You are allowed to have one and only one SubXcess account for every YouTube account that you may have, but make sure that you are logged into the correct YouTube account when accessing SubXcess in order for our subbing system to work. This is why we really advise you to maintain one account.

How can I promote my channel better?

Portions of the site work via a point system that lets SubXcess users gain points by subscribing, friending and viewing others. 

Example: You just subbed (subscribed to) 5 people on SubXcess. You have now gained 5 sub points. However, 3 people just subbed you. You now have 2 points left, but have 3 new subscribers to your channel.

If you hit 0 points, you will not be able to gain anymore subs until you sign on and sub more people. You will be notified via email when your account reaches the 0 mark.

What is the benefit of gaining subscriptions for my YouTube account?

Imagine that you have just made the most amazing video ever to hit the internet and you are so sure that anyone who sees this video will be blown away. There is only one problem though, how are you going to get it out there for everyone to see? Well, subscriptions are the key. The more subscribers that you have to your channel, the more chances you will have of someone viewing your videos, thus gaining views and popularity!

Why do you need my email address?

We collect your email address upon signing up for three major reasons:

  1. To verify your account
  2. If you forget your login information, we can easily email it to you
  3. As a notification system: giving you critical information about your points and your account status 

Is SubXcess a secure website?

Absolutely 100%, no questions asked. When entering your YouTube personal information all of your data goes through YouTube's API (Application Programming Interface) and NOT SubXcess. We do NOT see your passwords or personal information. The only information we see is your user created information for SubXcess.

SubXcess realizes the importance of your account's personal information and we will go above and beyond to make sure your information is safe and secure at all times.

Does SubXcess store or have access to my YouTube password?

No, simply put we utilize the YouTube API which only allows our site to show you as a member and gives you and others to use the subscriptions feature. We NEVER have access to or are able to see any of your YouTube information.

Is providing my real email to SubXcess going to give me spam and unwanted emails?

Absolutely NOT. We do not sell, distribute, or disclose any user email information with anyone/any organization. All information is kept in our secure database. The only emails that you will receive are notifications from SubXcess about your account, points status, or if you have lost/forgotten your login information.

Hacking SubXcess

We sometimes see people wasting time trying to hack into subxcess to up their points. While we welcome smart people flexing their brain muscle, just keep in mind that behind us, there's also YouTube. If you want a new feature added - just tell us. If you, for example, try to subscribe to your own channel, YouTube doesn't allow that. Instead, spend the time productively and help us build a system you will enjoy using.

How do I use SubXcess?

After you have created a SubXcess account or have logged into your account, our "YouTube Connection Status" page will pop up. This is where the linking process will occur. It can also be found on the home page once you have logged in to SubXcess.

Before linking, please make sure you are signed out of any pre-existing Gmail and/or YouTube accounts. Your SubXcess account needs to be linked to the correct corresponding YouTube account with the user-name that you provided upon sign-up. If connections between accounts get mixed up, the automatic subbing feature will NOT work properly and subscriptions will not register properly with your YouTube account.

What is on the settings page?

The settings page contains your email, YouTube user-name, password, location, and the ability to upload a picture or avatar of your liking. Any type of nudity or adult content is STRICTLY prohibited and may result in termination of your account without notification, so please be considerate to all users of SubXcess. Image size is limited to 100kb.

How does the point system work?

We feel that the more active users of SubXcess should have a chance at promoting their channels so we have implemented a point system where users who offer more points are put ahead of others and have a chance at being sub'd.

If a user chooses to offer 5 points for his channel, he will be put ahead of users offering 1-4.

You can find this option to offer in the settings menu.


What happens if my points go down to zero?

If you hit 0 points, you will not be able to gain anymore subscribers until you sign on and subscribe to more people. You will be notified via email when your account reaches the 0 point mark, so please make sure that emails from SubXcess are not blocked or marked as spam/junk.

Can I purchase points?

Yes you can! Just visit the store by clicking on store in the toolbar at the top of the page and purchase the point package that suits your needs! 

Can I un-subscribe from someone and re-subscribe to gain more points?

Sorry, this process is strictly prohibited. When you try to subscribe again, you will not receive a point. There are plenty of users to sub to gain points so take advantage!

Is there a limit to the number of users that I can subscribe to in a certain period of time?

Yes, there is. Even though the number can vary, recent tests show that you are allowed to subscribe to around 35 YouTube users in an hour. We suggest not going over 35 subscriptions in an hour to be safe and therefore have implemented our very own system to prevent our users from going over the limit.

What happens if I go over this limit?

If you are only using SubXcess for your subscriptions, then you will NEVER go over this limit due to our multi-dimensional algorithm, which prevents users from exceeding the allowed limit. If you do some subbing on SubXcess and some on YouTube directly, then you do run the risk of going over the limit. In the later case, YouTube will temporarily freeze your account and you will not be able to subscribe to anyone for a certain period of time. Don't worry though, it will unfreeze eventually. On average, the waiting period is approximately 3 hours.

I only subbed 35 people on SubXcess and my YouTube account was frozen, why?

Even though we have set a limit to subbing on the website, it does not mean that you are not able to sub through YouTube directly, but take caution and be aware that if you exceed your subbing limit, your YouTube account will be frozen. Therefore, we suggest you do all of your subscribing on SubXcess in order to avoid such mishaps.

Will earning subs from SubXcess disqualify me from YouTube's partnership program?

YouTube's partnership program relies more heavily on views rather than subscriptions. However, receiving subs can help you in this process because it will ultimately increase the chances of someone watching your videos and thus increasing your views. Please check out YouTube's qualifications for partnership by visiting: http://www.youtube.com/t/partnerships_faq.

Who is responsible if my account is ever suspended and/or terminated?

As the user, you take on full responsibility of your account. SubXcess is NOT responsible for your YouTube account. Earning and asking for subscriptions is NOT known to be a reason for people getting suspended and/or terminated. Be wise and follow all rules and regulations.

What is the Sub-Member section?

The "sub-members" section is a directory of all the members/users of SubXcess. For example, you can go here to find a user that you chatted with in the "sub-chat" and by clicking on the user image, you will be taken directly to their YouTube channel. Use this option to find old friends and to make new ones, expanding your YouTube network will ultimately be very beneficial for you the user and ultimately increase video views!

What is sub-chat?

Sub-chat was implemented in order to enhance the YouTube networking experience. Use this as a tool to gain friends and followers, share videos and discuss anything relating to your YouTube life. You will be amazed at how many people you will meet with similar interests as yourself.

How do I use sub-chat?

Very simply login to SubXcess with your user-name and password and click on "sub-chat" on the navigation bar on top. You will then be automatically signed into the main chat room. Do not spam YouTube links here, instead use it as a communication device between yourself and other users. 

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